"I am Kingiza! Captain of Mhina's Royal Guard."
— Kingiza

Kingiza is a male leopon who lives in Leopon Plains. He is the current captain of the Royal Guards.


Kingiza's pelt is tan, while his muzzle, paws. And underbelly are paler in color. He has a red head that. His eyes are reddish-brown.


Kingiza is shown to be very stubborn, blunt, and work-focused. He is very cunning, often devising plans of attack and voices his opinions on situations whether or not anyone asked for his viewpoint.

He is also rarely persuaded to change his mind after coming to a decision, which may not be to everyone's liking.

Kingiza can be very short tempered, especially if others weaker than him question his ways.

Kingiza is very loyal to Mhina, and follows his orders usually without question, even if it means he may die. He is also very protective of Ushindi, and protects and comforts him when he needs it.



Kingiza and his brother was born to a lion pride that resided along the Zuberi River. While kingiza was training, his brother was badly injured in an unknown incident which resulted in him losing his left hing leg. Once Kingiza finished his lessons, the pride decided to banish his brother.

Though, as his brother began to leave, Kingiza decided to follow with him, as knowing that he had the full lessons of hunting and fighting, would be able to do more and would help his brother. 

They traveled together for about three moons (Weeks) before meeting Mhina and his family at Leopon Plains.

In Mhina's Rule

Kingiza attends Kion and Mhina's wedding.

In Legends of the Lion Guard: A New Journey

A Special Coronation

Kingiza attends Kion and Mhina’s coronation.

A Royal Wedding

A Visit to the Tree of Life

A Royal Birth

Helping the Night Pride

An Epic Battle



Kingiza's relationship with Kion was initially cold. However, he along with the other residents of Leopon Plains grew to respect Kion. When kion defeated Scar, Kingiza was duly impressed.

As of A new Journey, Although they sometimes might not see eye to eye, most of the time Kingiza is shown to be good friends with kion.


Kingiza loves to serve Mhina in Leopon Plains  and is often seen with him.



  • Kingiza is voiced by Aaron Daniel Jacob.
  • Kingiza is based off of Bigwig, a character from the Watership Down book.
  • Kingiza stated that he wasn’t interested in falling in love.
  • He is also known to be the bravest Leopon in Leopon Plains.
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