Mbweha is an adult female jackal that lives in the Outlands. She is the matriarch of a family of jackals, including her mate Nassor and her children. She is the older daughter of Aamori, the former leader of the pack, the sister of Reirei, the Aunt of Dogo, Kijana and Dogo's Siblings


Mbweha is a fairly slender jackal, with a light tan-brown pelt, light brown-creamy muzzle, paws, and underbelly. And black markings across her back and legs as well as on the top of her head, with three pale spots near her shoulder. She has a black nose, and teal eyes.She has a bushy tail with a black tip and a pair of large, pointed ears with small tufts of fur at their tips.


Mbweha is kind, loyal, calm, and responsible, and she respects the Circle of Life. She is very protective, especially towards her pack and pups, as she cares a lot about them. She is also very affectionate and motherly, and does her best to make sure her pups is well. She cares for her sister greatly but sometimes fears that she is following the wrong crowd.

Unlike Reirei and her pack, she is disgusted by selfishness and gluttony.


Legends of The lion guard: battle for the pride lands


  • Nassor: Mate
  • Reirei: Sister
  • Tipilire:Daughter
  • Taraja: Daughter
  • Akilah: Daughter
  • Omarr: Son
  • Huo: Son
  • Kutambaa: Daughter
  • Ghubari: Son
  • Nurisha: Daughter
  • Goigoi: Brother in law
  • Dogo: Nephew
  • Dogo's Siblings: Nephews and Nieces
  • Kijana: Niece


  • Jasiri
  • Kesi
  • Kesi's Clan
  • Kion
  • Fuli
  • Beshte
  • Ono
  • Bunga
  • Omarr


  • Reirei
  • Fuli (briefly)
  • Scar's Army
  • Janja's Clan
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